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…Really? REALLY? So sorry you got this Anon…so completely unnecessary…

I find it quite funny the way someone can misunderstand what I said, but there we go! If people want to disagree then fine, but don’t make out I said things I didn’t. People are so stupid, hahaa!

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classicrock-and-stuff sent: I just wanted you to know that when I reblogged before, I wasn't being hateful at all. I was just sharing my opinion and I completely respect yours :-) and let's be honest, it'd be a silly thing to argue about, everyone has their own opinion and is completely entitled to it. I think some people forget that sometimes... x

No no, I didn’t think you were being hateful at all! You didn’t come across as hateful in the slightest, don’t worry :) there’s no right or wrong here. We can’t help the way we feel! And you’re right, people do forget that sometimes but that’s up to them! Thanks for the message :) x

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Anonymous sent: Micky, mike and Davy aren't perfect either you know.

Errr, I never said they were???

In interviews Davy could be a right bitch (which was often totally unnecessary), Micky has been telling the Exact Same Stories in the Exact Same Way for the past 40 years (which is annoying), and Mike often seemed like he’d “really rather not” (which is…Mike), but none of those things make me uncomfortable like Peter’s awkwardness. None of the guys are perfect, and I’m not saying any of them are better than any of the others. This is just how I feel.

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Micky Dolenz, taken from Rankin/Bass Blogspot.


Micky Dolenz, taken from Rankin/Bass Blogspot.

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Wedding appreciation post ~ requested by anon!

1st row: Bianca & Mick Jagger, Maureen Cox & Ringo Starr, Alison & John Entwistle

2nd row: Sandy & Ian McLagan, Karen & Pete Townshend, Linda Lawrence & Donovan

3rd row: Samantha Juste & Micky Dolenz, Linda & Paul McCartney, Pattie Boyd & George Harrison

4th row: Yoko Ono & John Lennon, Priscilla & Elvis Presley, June Child & Marc Bolan

5th row: Phyllis & Mike Nesmith, Pamela & Michael Des Barres, Jackie & Roger Daltrey

6th row: Barbara Bach & Ringo Starr, Pattie Boyd & Eric Clapton, Jerry Hall & Mick Jagger

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Gulmarg,Kashmir (by Sukhbir Raina)


Gulmarg,Kashmir (by Sukhbir Raina)

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Anonymous sent: why do you post loads of Micky but hardly any Peter?



(Sorry I’m only now getting to this)

I post loads of Micky because he’s my favourite, but I also post about Mike and Davy quite a lot too.

I don’t post about Peter as much because I don’t (and can’t) connect to him like I do the others. I have no problem with Peter and I don’t dislike him in the slightest, but when I first got into the Monkees I made an effort to watch loads of interviews with them and get to know each of them. From day one Peter has made me feel seriously uncomfortable when I see interviews with him (from back in the day and more recently). I know I’m not the only person who feels this way either, as I’ve spoken about this privately with people before. He has this nervous energy and comes across as childlike, awkward and weird, and it seems like he’s trying way too hard to play up to the cameras. The reason that makes *me* feel so uncomfortable is because *he* doesn’t seem comfortable either. I don’t know if he’s like this in interviews on his own because I haven’t really watched any solo-Peter interviews, but in group interviews the other guys seem less than impressed with him too, and the whole vibe is just off.

I’ve heard so many stories about Peter from people who’ve met him, and about 8/10 of those stories are really positive. I’m sure he’s lovely in person and totally different when the cameras aren’t rolling. I prefer show-Peter, and I think real-Peter did an amazing job with a character that was almost totally different from his real-self.

But that’s why you don’t see me post about him more. He was a gorgeous guy when he was young (and he still looks great for his age!) and while he isn’t a great singer and I don’t enjoy his voice I also respect that he was (and is) a seriously great musician (I love him playing the banjo!). I have no beef with Peter, he just isn’t for me. And I *do* post about him, just not as much as the other guys.

You are definitely not alone on this, sister. The unfortunate thing when it comes to Peter is that the adorable, sweet, laid-back blond hippie that he once was is very much not who he is now. That is not to say that he isn’t grateful for his fans, but there is an attitude and an air about him that—as you said—makes it difficult to connect with him. Nevermind that he absolutely should never do interviews, at least not TV ones (lest we forget the Rachel Maddow fiasco of 2012—just two days after Davy died, mind you). And of course, every story of meeting Peter is different, as he does have good days and bad days like anyone, but the distinction between him and, let’s say Micky, is that Micky will not take his bad day out on a fan…but Peter will. It just seems like age and time have hardened Peter in many ways (which is in sharp contrast to Nez, who has so completely mellowed the fuck out as he’s gotten older that you’d think he’s constantly medicated). Just our $0.02 on the matter.

Thanks, and I totally agree with you too! I’m glad people are with me on this as I was worried some might see it as some sort of attack, which it obviously wasn’t.